Why ZipEditz

Lets face it, your marketing photos aren’t an Ansel Adams Masterpiece. You shoot an angle or thirty and throw them up online hoping that somebody will spot the car of their dreams and walk into your dealership. THAT USED TO WORK! But Now? Middle schoolers on social media platforms are producing better images than MOST car dealerships. Here at ZipEditz we are taking your photos and getting them up to today’s image standard within 24 hours. Shoot your car, upload images in a few clicks and our professional editors will give you the image you need to compete in todays image driven market.

ZipEditz Pricing

We are able to change you pennies per photo compared to the $100’s you are spending right now. At the same time you are supporting our network of 100’s of photographers and editors who are able to work remotely from all over the country. All photos stay here in the USA.

Quick & Easy

Just drag and drop your photos in your own custom client hub after you purchase your token package

24 Hour Delivery

In less than a day your photos will be waiting for download in your client hub

Edited By Professionals

All of our editors are working photographers and retouches. They will keep in touch with you along the way to make sure your photos are delivered just the way you want them.

Save Time & Money

We know from experience that it is important to pinch pennies on every car. Why not learn to shoot cars yourself and control your image output, save money and get more customers coming in!

ZipEditz Team

With 100’s of years of combined experience, this company was started in Portland Oregon with the purpose of giving car dealerships of all sizes a much needed image makeover. Editors of all ages and lifestyles grace us with their instance technical and artistic ability. As most image company’s outsource overseas we made a mission out of building jobs in the USA. You’re in good hands and beat yet, you can communicate with us along the way via our built in system technology. Thanks for choosing us we are a strong team carried by passion and care for your images.

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